Adam with Betty, JT and SteveDark Horse Productions is a group of specialist animal trainers dedicated to advanced animal training. Based in Sydney, Australia, we deal with animal training, consulting and logistics for film, television, live performance, corporate events, print media and the animal conservation and welfare industries.

Our business relies on our animals and our animals are our family. Whether it’s a major motion picture, TV commercial, corporate event or that something extra special, we have the animal actor for you!


Sparkles Rearing with FlagsOur team of world class qualified animal trainers are on hand for individual animal training (animals, staff and actors), consulting, live stock transport and logistics and to supply or recruit fully trained animals for every job.

Our mission is to inspire people to provide better conditions, show more respect and conserve our planet’s amazing creatures through the connections made when people and animals work together.


Adam Riding an ElephantWe specialise in:

  • Providing trained animals for the film and television industry
  • Advanced consultants for all forms of animal training and husbandry
  • Development and implementation of live shows and events
  • Advanced horse training and riding

Dark Horse Productions also provides staff workshops for industry related individuals where the principles of operant conditioning are taught and practiced.

The workshops we specialise in:

  • Husbandry training
  • Co-operative Care Training
  • Animal Presentations
  • Film and TV training (Dogs, Cats, Birds)

Highly popular amongst Zoos, welfare facilities and animal training groups especially for show creation and implementation, Dark Horse Productions can holistically provide for your needs, we employ camera operators, sound engineers and choreographers to see your job to completion.