Sparkles Rearing

Sparkles needs no introduction! He is our most sought after horse. He is a registered pinto Shetland Pony and is the stand-out liberty master. He is a principal horse at Dark Horse Productions and is a full time liberty/trick pony.

Sparkles is a true professional and takes his work very seriously. He has too many credits to mention but has performed in numerous live shows, demonstrations, TV commercials and photo shoots.  He has mastered many high level behaviours that the other horses have not, including hind-leg walk, Spanish walk and rear pirouette!  Sparkles will do anything for a carrot! He is one of the founding members of the Dark Horse Productions team, he has taught many of our trainers to train and perform, and he is used in training clinics all over the country and loves his work. He is the oldest member of the team and is everyone’s favourite.

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